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Skrevet af Morten 14th juni, 2006 Kategoriseret under Uncategorized

Jeg faldt lige over følgende forslag til en advarselsmærkat, der burde klistres på forsiden af alle bibler:

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Do NOT take it literally.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains verses descriptive of or advocating suicide, incest, bestiality, sadomasochism, sexual activity in a violent context, murder, morbid violence, use of drugs or alcohal, homosexuality, rape, voyeurism, mob violence, revenge, undermining of authority figures, lawlessness, invasion for conquest, human rights violations, and atrocities including wholesale murder of civilian populations.

EXPOSURE WARNING: Exposure to contents for extended periods of time or during formative years in children may cause delusions, hallucinations, lowered cognitive abilities, decreased objective reasoning, and in extreme cases pathological disorders such as hatred, bigotry, and violence including, but not limited to, fanaticism, murder, torture, and genocide.

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